The main objective of the ENVIS being ensuring integration of national efforts in environmental information collection, collation, storage, retrieval and dissemination to all concerned, Mizoram ENVIS Hub has been taking up various major activities such as:

1. Website- Creation, Up-gradation & Maintenance:

ENVIS Hub the then ENVIS Node at the very beginning of its inception in 2003 created website which is now registered as The home page of the Hub’s website contains 8 modules which are regularly updated with latest information from various authentic sources with the best intention of making the sites most beneficial, informative and most updated to the users.

2. Collection of Data: 

Collection of data in the form of books, reports, journals, newsletters, bulletins, notification of various Govt. departments, etc. is one of the most prioritized activities of the Hub. Other information such as disasters encountered in the state be it Bamboo flowering, Forest Fire, Landslides and other problems encountered during the monsoon season, etc. are collected both in soft and hard copies. Mizoram ENVIS Hub maintains a library at the Office where all data collected are placed for easy accessibility of all end-users.

3. Indian State-Level Basic Environment Information Data Base (ISBEID)

Indian State Level Basic Environment Information Database (ISBEID) is web - enabled software developed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India under the Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Project. The software is to enable the State ENVIS Centres on Status of Environment and Related Issues to feed data directly into the database server using the web-interface in the ENVIS Portal. The ISBEID software has 17 modules.

Mizoram ENVIS Hub collects data from line departments of the State and other authentic sources and fills data gap for modules that are relevant for the State. Data so collected are uploaded to the modules of ISBEID through its web application  (

4. Publication:

Publication in the form of newsletter, booklet, pamphlets, etc. is done all year round for dissemination of information. All materials published by the Hub are uploaded in the website.

5. Awareness Programme

Every year Mizoram ENVIS Hub observes different environmental related days like World Environment Day, World Forestry Day, World Water Day, World Ozone Day, Global Hand Washing Day, Green Mizoram Day, Swachh Bahrat, etc. in-order to generate environmental awareness among the public. ENVIS Hub ties up with Eco-Clubs within the state in organizing different activities like cleanliness drive, competitions such as painting, poster making, slogan writing, etc. in observation of these environmental days.

Environmental related programmes organized by other Government offices, NGOs, agencies, etc. are regularly covered by ENVIS Team and also plays a vital role in publicizing these events.

6. Implementation of GSDP and GRIDSS

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change has developed new initiatives such as Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) and National Environment Survey-a Grid Based Decision Support System (GRIDSS) during 2017-18. The MoEF&CC had entrusted the vast network of ENVIS Hubs and RPs within the country to carry out these initiatives.

Mizoram ENVIS Hub had successfully conducted the 1st batch of training namely ‘Certificate Course in Pollution Monitoring: Air & Water Pollution’ under Green Development Programme during 3rd September, 2018- 8th November, 2018. Eighteen (18) unemployed science graduates from different parts of the state were awarded completion certificates.

Mizoram ENVIS Hub is currently taking necessary steps for implementation of National Environment Survey-a Grid Based Decision Support System (GRIDSS).